Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas and New Year. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement this year.

CMU Family Update

It is hard to believe that for the last two years our year end news did not include CMU going to Brasil, physically that is! Of course as most of you know, some of the most wonderful and purposeful things we have done unfolded from COVID in 2020 when the CMU Family Food Program was birthed.

I am happy to report that this year we were able to return to Brasil for the first time since the fall of 2019!

This May I took my first trip back to Brasil since the pandemic.  I traveled with a dear friend to visit with our partners. We had the privilege of visiting with 20 pastors who’s churches are monthly recipients as well as distributors of food baskets provided by the CMU family. 

We had the privilege of visiting with 20 pastors whose churches are monthly recipients and distributors of food baskets provided by the CMU family. We witnessed the impact this ministry is having on the churches, the pastors and the families who are being blessed because of the generosity of our CMU family.

It is hard to describe the intensity of the sadness I felt walking through some of these communities while at the same time being so thankful that CMU was able to do something to help.  

Listen, we all knew a food program was important right?

It’s simply biblical to meet the needs of the hungry, but I didn’t really know the scope of how much impact this ministry was having until I saw it first hand!

I have said this before, this ministry is relational not transactional! Each month the food baskets we provide are delivered by pastors and church members and given to families face to face. Incredible needs are met and incredible opportunities to minister are given to these pastors who desperately want to help their communities and would have no way to do it without our help.

This program that started with 10 churches helping 50 families has not only been sustained but has grown. Because of the generosity of our CMU Family, we have assisted more than 30 churches all across Brasil feeding 200 families each month for the past two years.

To date you the CMU Family has provided more than 1 million meals for hurting families in Brasil and opened doors for church planters and pastors to share the Good News of Jesus.


We were blessed to give six Brazilian congregations churches this year. It really is amazing how the Lord has provided.

The year began by funding two churches constructed by Brasilian volunteers. We were unsure if we going to return with teams in 2022 but knew these Gospel Stations needed to be built. It was a blessing to witness.

Fortunately in August, notwithstanding some still lingering travel and testing requirements, I had the joy of returning to build two more churches with some faithful CMU veterans.

An added blessing was visiting five different churches and pastors in Ceara where CMU has built Gospel Stations over the last decade.

In October, our first full teams traveled back to Brasil and built in the states of Ceara and Piaui! What an incredible blessing to be back and give the gift of a church building, in person and have our CMU family to be present to love, share and encourage the folks we serve!

Praise the Lord, the last several months have been just a crazy, happy time for our CMU family here and our CMU family in Brasil.


We covet your prayers and continued financial support. Your generosity makes our work possible - Thank You!

If you would like to bless the ministry of CMU with a year-end gift for Christmas, you can mail a check, make a on-line donation or other gifts in kind. Contact the office for more information.

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2023 Plans

So what are our plans for the 2023? Quite a lot actually - here are some highlights.

Brasil Churches - we will be taking four teams to Brasil in 2023 and are believing for the funds to build six Gospel Stations. If you would like to join a team or help fund the gift of a church, please contact the office - it makes for a wonderful Christmas gift. Due to inflation, the cost of a church build in 2023 has increased to $20,000. Please join us in praying for The Lord to allow us to fully fund all six.

Food Program - we have committed to support 160 families in 2023. Our prayer is they won't need our support all year but we won't walk away from those in need.

$35 feeds a family of four for a month and $350 allows a church to feed ten families in their community.

You can learn more about the food program and make a gift by visiting our website https://christianmissions.org/food-program

The Farm - this is one of the most exciting updates to share with my CMU Family.

Growing up I rarely knew of a time when my dad didn't have a pastor or missionary in our home. Our door was always open to provide rest and encouragement to weary workers.

Over the last decade my dad's old farm has served as headquarters for CMU. In 2023 we are growing our outreach to continue the tradition and to "Love Well" those who give of themselves and are in need of rest while complimenting and suporting our core work in Brasil.

To learn more, visit our website: https://christianmissions.org/the-farm/

Learn more about the CMU Family Food Program's impact, read stories from our Brasilian partners and learn how you can support this vital ministry by visiting https://christianmissions.org/food-program

May The Lord richly bless you and your family during this Christmas season.

Chuck Conner
Executive Director